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Smart Living

Enhanced Modern Living From Environ For The Over 55s

At the Heart of the Community

The ethos of smartliving is to create a community of like-minded individuals aged 55 and over in a tranquil and beautifully maintained sustainable setting in the heart of a multi-generational village or urban community. smartliving provides easy access to local services and amenities with close links to open space, walking and cycling trails. In essence life is “on your doorstep” with smartliving homes in a prime location, and offers the opportunity to be part of a friendly and welcoming community of similarly inclined young at heart neighbours.

Making Life Easier

There comes a time in many people’s lives when the children have left home and an opportunity arises to re-assess one’s lifestyle and housing needs. smartliving will appeal to those who wish to be free of house and garden maintenance but still wish to benefit from a spacious and beautiful setting. Releasing capital by downsizing can also boost investment income.

Low Maintenance 

smartliving homes feature designs that are exciting yet characterful and mellow, allowing them to blend into their setting. Homes are specifically designed to be low maintenance, economical to run, and flexible and adaptable for changing needs over time. Dwellings are truly turn-key with a comprehensive specification and a ten year warranty.

Designed For The Future

The homes have been designed by an award winning team (view to be future proof and thoroughly adaptable. All buildings have the capacity to accommodate new technologies through hard-wired internet connections, and are created with adequate space and structural provision for future additions such as a lift. In essence, smartliving homes can adapt to tomorrow’s world and are “care aware” for emerging telecare and healthcare products.


We strive to achieve the best quality in terms of fittings, fixtures, and workmanship in order to present exceptional homes. 


smartliving homes feature digital technology that is completely customisable and allow occupants to create their own personal ecosystem that fits their needs and lifestyle. Smart technology allows for easy and – in some cases – automatic or remote control over your home’s internal environment, security and warning systems. Selected smart technologies are included with the purchase of each home, such as the heat exchanger system. “Cool tech” featuring heat exchangers automatically maintains a comfortable temperature, optimal levels of oxygen and humidity, and filters out dust and pollutants from the home’s internal environment, all while providing reductions in energy costs.

A wide range of additional services can be added by App to your phone or tablet according to individual requirement. Simply tap a command or give a voice request to Siri to turn the lights down and adjust the heating, to save you time, effort, and money on energy bills. Automate your dwelling so that you arrive home to a cosy atmosphere in the evening, with the lights already on, the blinds down and the kettle recently boiled. Homes can be fitted with integrated motion sensors and alarms that can be controlled remotely. This means that residents can maintain control over the security of their home 24/7, regardless of where in the world they are. 

A simple menu makes the smart technology system as easy, if not easier, to operate than a standard remote control. Our on-site club coordinator is on hand to acquaint residents with the system so that it can be utilised to maximum benefit, to support an independent yet connected lifestyle.


Emergency monitoring is provided 24/7. smartliving homes offer a high level of security for residents’ peace of mind having windows and doors with Secured by Design accreditation. Homes are located within a gated environment with digital access and CCTV monitoring, and are fitted with alarm systems. Such a high level of security allows residents to freely visit friends and family or travel the world in the knowledge that their home is secure, and that deliveries will be accepted or any problems resolved by management in their absence. smartliving will appeal particularly to those who have a second home.


smartliving homes are designed with the desire for space and tranquillity in mind. There is the flexibility to create private or open, flowing spaces with wide doors that can be opened or closed as required. Bedrooms have spacious en-suites with a double basin, walk in shower and separate bath. Houses are appointed with plenty of storage for treasured possessions, with features such as walk in wardrobes throughout. There is ample room to run an office or for couples to seek their own space to carry out hobbies and crafts.


Each upper apartment has a balcony and houses have extensive patios allowing for placement of external sofas and dining tables. Carports with storage pods accommodate bulky items such as skis and top boxes, with the carport itself catering for wide SUVs. Charging points are included in each carport and overall parking provision is considered in terms of second cars and visitors. 


Downsizing no longer means not being able to entertain friends and family. smartliving homes have the space for entertaining and hosting visits from friends and family. Kitchens have no less provision than a family house and dining spaces can accommodate up to ten around a table. Additionally, residents have the option to make use of the on-site Clubhouse, access to which is included in the purchase of a smartliving home. Visitors may choose to stay either in the home or in the on-site Guest Lodge, where provided, use of which is also included with home purchase. The Lodge can accommodate a five person family and allows for a degree of self-catering with its own kitchen. 

Let There Be Light 

smartliving schemes are inspired by the principles of biophilic design. Biophilic design is centred around the principle that the desire for places and spaces which allow us to connect with nature is deep within our DNA, and that these connections have a positive effect on physical, mental and emotional health. We believe that the relationship between space and light shapes our experience of a building and ultimately turns a house into a home. By taking inspiration from biophilic design we aim to encourage healthy lifestyles and support healthy dignified ageing. 

All buildings within smartliving schemes are designed to feature ample natural lighting, fresh air ventilation, views of surrounding landscapes, and easy access to outside space. The garden and wider grounds become an extension of the home, with easy access to the outdoors, offering residents the opportunity to enjoy the garden as an “outside room” that connects to other natural spaces.


Our homes are fully ready for new purchasers to move in and unpack with every last detail considered.

The Good Life

In keeping with our links to biophilic design, every scheme has beautifully landscaped grounds. For those who still have active green fingers, there are, in most schemes, vegetable plots, a glass house and fruit to be picked from on-site orchards. Research shows that gardening promotes both mental and physical health, and we believe that access to green space is the hallmark of a home and a community. Gardening is a chance to stay healthy, pursue hobbies and crafts, and put down roots by forming new friendships.

A Tranquil Setting

smartliving features a range of other horticultural delights. In addition to food producing areas, there are sensory garden schemes with both naturalistic and formal planting, colourful wildflower meadows, woodland nature trails, summer houses, pavilions and seating areas, and private gardens to enjoy solitude in a peaceful setting.


Every scheme encourages wildlife with indigenous planting providing shelter and food for birds, butterflies, bees, bats and hedgehogs. The aim is to establish a habitat full of birds, insects and small mammals. Hedgehog ‘hotels’ and bird nesting bricks and boxes are included in all our schemes together with bird feeders. A water feature – whether a rill, pond, or lake – is part of every scheme and provides a rich habitat as well as a further attraction for birds such as swallows and house martins.

Planting provides stunning colours throughout the season to communal areas with private individual garden areas linking the properties to the wider landscape.

A Sense Of Place

Fundamentally, smartliving is the creation of a sense of place through physical design but also a sense of real community and friendship. It is for those who have a zest for life which is why we provide a clubhouse for times when company is welcome. smartliving also provides a safe haven and support for those who find themselves alone.

The Ethos

At this point in time, we have the opportunity to create lifestyles unknown and beyond belief to those living in the last century, with new rules, new mindsets and new behaviours. Advances in health have altered the long-held concept of inactive, uneventful retirement and to many people this is no longer relevant. Instead, older adults are increasingly enjoying an active, independent lifestyle pursuing their work, interests and having fun.

In what can – to many – be a lonely world, our objective is to be self-sustaining, inclusive, and welcoming with every member of our communities having a meaningful role.

The Club is a new lifestyle concept for Cognatum Estates which is a not-for-profit company that currently manages over sixty schemes in some of the most beautiful locations in England. Each scheme has its own unique character in beautifully managed grounds enabling biodiversity and a close link with the natural world.

Membership of the Cognatum Club comes with the purchase of each home. Leases run for 199 years and there are no ground rents. Cognatum club facilities vary depending on the size of the scheme but as a minimum there will be a clubhouse at the heart of the scheme for residents to use as they desire. The clubhouse is a multi functional space with a gym and can accommodate such activities as snooker, table tennis, keep fit, pilates, yoga and film nights on a big screen. A kitchen with servery allows for functions, and sunny terraces and barbecue areas are perfect for summer dining.

Larger schemes will offer more comprehensive facilities such as a member’s lounge, library, bar and café/bistro, private dining room, beauty treatment rooms, conference rooms, relaxation and wellness suite with indoor pool, tennis courts, boule court, croquet lawns and fitness trails.


Depending on the size of the scheme, a range of activities are organised for residents to enjoy. These include fitness, aqua aerobics, pilates, and yoga classes, personal training, art and music lessons, craft workshops, dancing events, flower arranging, bridge, book clubs and informative talks from outside speakers. Coffee mornings and regular social events are also on offer.

Should residents wish to form a new club, learn a new skill, or create an event around a shared interest, the facility is there to make it happen and our coordinator will help bring it to fruition. Similarly, private club space is available for entertaining family and friends on special occasions, with facilities such as the pool table and swimming pool being popular with visiting grandchildren.

At Your Service

The clubhouse also provides an office for the club coordinator. The club coordinator oversees the clubhouse and the maintenance of the scheme. The coordinator also provides a concierge service to residents, which can include keeping an eye on the home in the owner’s absence, taking deliveries, helping with IT issues, overseeing the communications network, and other general support. We pride ourselves on offering a quality service. Cognatum not only maintains the buildings and setting, but engages with the local community, forming relationships with local services and suppliers such as car hire, taxi services and car sharing that residents can benefit from.

A Voice

We feel it essential that everybody who lives in one of our communities has a “voice” as involvement in day to day decisions provides purpose and we believe in harnessing the skills and passions of individuals to give vitality to our community

Digital Technology 

Digital technology has opened up new opportunities in social communication and connectivity for us all. Older technology users or “Silver surfers” are a major part of this, and use technology to connect with family and friends, conduct research and online banking, read newspapers, buy gifts, flowers and food, book holidays, download films and music, work and play online games. All of this is available from ones’ armchair using a tablet, laptop or iPhone.

This technology enables residents to keep up to date on everything happening at the club and in the local community. It also enables residents to have complete transparency in terms of how money is spent by Cognatum and how the scheme is managed and run. 


Cognatum seeks to ensure that physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing is at the heart of each community, enabling residents to age with positivity and grace. Cognatum does this by taking in to account personal and cultural preferences for creating an active and healthy lifestyle. As part of this commitment Cognatum takes a holistic approach to the provision of services, and conventional and alternative therapists, treatments and care will be available upon request. Concierge services relieve residents of stress and save time, and each scheme enjoys links to other local clubs and communities that allow individuals to engage their passions and pastimes and provide a real sense of purpose. As residents grow older, they will be treated with dignity and respect.

An Experienced Team

smartliving represents a new beginning with the liberation that comes from lower stress and a more joyful life. It brings together the expertise of Cambria Investments with the design and development skills of Environ Communities and the property management experience of Cognatum Estates Ltd. The resulting housing schemes are underscored by a sense of place, community, wellbeing and security – the smart choice for the lifestyle that you have dreamed of.

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