Our Philosophy

Building homes that connect to your environment

Founded in 1990 by town planner Tony Dowse, the multi-award-winning Environ team have developed a wide range of projects within the UK over the years, led by a strong guiding philosophy of sustainability, quality, localism and “ New Urbanism”. This philosophy has now been extended across the channel with Environ winning an International Property Award for the Best Leisure.


A commitment to respect and protect the “local environment” means that Environ design developments to be as energy-efficient as possible ensuring that fuel bills are kept to the minimum. In fact, Environ has been one of the foremost innovators in terms of environmental protection in the UK and has been the recipient of the Building For Life Gold Award.


Only the best materials and the most talented architects and designers are employed when designing Environ homes. Attention to detail through every aspect of the build is immediately apparent – from the smallest window catch to the overall design of the roofscape. Top quality materials ensure not only that your home looks good and feels superb, but that maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.


Environ’s commitment to the “environment” extends to the local cultural environment  where design needs to reflect the local vernacular ( rather than a pastiche) using materials, scale and design elements that are true to the local landscape but are clearly of “ their time” rather than a copy of the past. Environ developments are designed to complement the local environment, rather than fighting against it.


Based upon the architectural philosophy of Professor Christopher Alexander, the “New Urbanism” movement to which Environ enthusiastically subscribes, promotes the design of living spaces that enhance the lives of those living within them. Environ designs its homes to be as individual as possible, maximising light and space and a connection to outside. Environ aims to create living spaces that nourish both mind and soul through biophillic principles, and building developments that help to create a sense of community and promote wellbeing.