"All residents at the development will have fishing rights, and the riverbank at Freshford Mill is the perfect place for keen resident anglers to drop their lines, with its abundant stocks of barbel, chubb, pike, roach, dace and perch."

Freshford Mill on What House?

"For those wildlife lovers among you, Julie Johnson, award-winning landscape designer with Environ Communities has put together some helpful tips and easy changes you can make to your garden that can help provide the right environment for a variety of creatures"

Environ in What House?

"Environ recognises that green spaces have positive effects on people's wellbeing"

Freshford Mill in The Wiltshire Times

"The design instantly struck me as something fresh and relevant. I could imagine coming across on the higher ferry and being able to instantly pinpoint this incredible building on the skyline, as the entrance to our town."

Sails in Devon Life

"Each luxury property will have a balcony and views of Dartmouth harbour and the Royal Naval College"

Sails in The Daily Telegraph

"The design instantly struck me as something fresh and relevant. I wish we could see more of this style of building"

Sails in Western Morning News

“The ultra-smart three-bedroom penthouse apartment at SAILS in Dartmouth, offers a unique home in the heart of the seaside town in South Devon, with a striking contemporary design, inspired by an ocean-going clipper.”

Sails in What House?
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